Pop House Color Slides: 1954-1955
(and a bonus negative from 1942)


Along with several color slides, there was a single negative from what must have been a Kodak Brownie camera.  The negative size was 1 5/8" x 2 1/2".  I was finally able to make a viewable positive scan of it and here is what it revealed.  After much enhancing and zooming and squinting, I think the Wisconsin license plate (70 507) on the car is dated 1942.  Judging from the looks of both cars, they appear to be late 1930s or early 1940s vintage.  I don't know who these guys are or where this is.  Do you?  If I had to guess, I'd probably say George's father Russell on the right and his older brother Russell Jr. on the left.  I'd also guess that it's in front of the original grocery store/Pop House on Portland Avenue.  But that's just a guess... or wishful thinking.  **UPDATE 1/30/2009**  - Dave Luebke checked with Jack Skelly, who checked with Vince. Vince thought this photo showed Gregus and Floyd Podwell. Thanks guys.


On this slide was handwritten "Sgt. Bragg" who is seen here holding up the original plywood "Club Pop House" sign designed by Beloit College student Mike Fusello.  The sign was eventually hung above the jalousie window facing Portland Avenue after the first major remodeling in 1954.  From what looks like traces of snow, I'd place this photo in early spring 1954.  It probably was before the remodeling was complete because there is no jalousie window installed in the door.  Also, the sign was affixed to the outside wall by summer 1954 as previous research based on George's videotaped interview on a 1980s Builders of Beloit cable TV program, and a subsequent photo in the book confirms.  Unfortunately, I don't know any details about Sgt. Bragg or why he is holding the sign.


Handwritten on this slide is "Al and George."  George is seen here wearing his famous red and white checked sweater as he was a big fan of Wisconsin Badger football.  So, I'm guessing this was game day, possibly in the fall of 1954 mainly because of the jalousie window in the door which was installed that summer. However, the plywood Club Pop House sign isn't hanging over the front window and there is no neon sign.  Also written on the slide is the word "ARMY."  Looking at the football schedules, the Badgers didn't play Army early in the early 1950's.  George looks young...  Hmmm...  Anyone know who Al is or when this picture was taken?


This is probably the most surprising picture from the whole bunch.  Nowhere in my research or in conversations with anyone was a neon "POPHOUSE CLUB" sign mentioned!!  This, and one other slide where it's only partially seen, are the only pictures I've ever run across of the Pop House building with a neon sign!  OK... now that I'm over my initial shock... The slide is marked with four names, only two of which I could make out: Tom, Frank, M___, and C___.  These guys are all in their original Pop House jackets.  I don't have a clear idea about the year as I'm now a little confused about some of the building details.  One clue, aside from the neon sign, is that the jalousie window is not yet in the door. Anyone know more about this picture?


This picture was just labeled "The Boys."  I see Vince and George in the back.  You can see the bottom part of the "POPHOUSE CLUB" neon sign.  This is the second of two slides from in front of the original Pop House.  Any more information that would lead to identifying the people and year would be appreciated.


Here's George with "Voss and Frank" standing on the corner looking south on Fifth Street.  It's long before the 1958 addition was started and I'll be darned if there isn't a tree in front of where the new addition would be built.  I could swear it was not there during the actual construction, judging by the photos from that time.  The cars look like early 1950 makes.  **UPDATE 3/4/2009** - Sheila Shafer wrote to say these guys standing with George are Bill Voss and Frank Johnson, both BHS class of '53.  Thanks, Sheila!


The guy in this slide is Don "Goose" Tamulis who probably was late joining the rest of "The Boys" for the previous pictures in this set.  Looks like Goose drove up in a 1953 Ford.


George is overseeing the lighting of the "Original Olympic Fire" as written on the sign.  This could have been the start of the 1954 Olympic games between the Pop House and Beloit College.  It appears that the ceremony occurred at the corner of Fifth and Portland, just outside the door of the original Pop House.  Old Parker Elementary School is in the background.  Nothing else in the slide was identified with the exception of the upside down Pepsi container bearing the flame.  Anyone know who the rest of these guys are?



Here are a pair of slides marked "Olympics" so it could have been a basketball game from the 1954 Pop House v. Beloit College Olympics.  Note the red "Original Pop House" and the dark "Twin Cities U.S.A.F." jerseys.  The game probably was played in the old College Fieldhouse.


George was either overjoyed to win the game or he was suffering the "agony of defeat."


These final three slides were marked "TKE Parade" and "Nancy & Sandy."  Could have been after the November 13, 1954 Badger v. Illini football game.  Wisconsin won 27-14.  If they had lost, George would have led the "Pajama Parade" on College Street as he did the following year after a 14-17 Badger loss to the Illini which is documented in the book.  Having won their 1954 game, George got to ride in a convertible wearing his Wisconsin sweater with these lovely ladies, Nancy and Sandy.  Anyone know their last names?  **UPDATE 2/1/2009** - Heard from 1956 Chili Queen Cris Pearson Andrews (BHS ‘57) via Jerry Wood that these girls probably are Nancy Walker and Sandy Hill. Thanks Cris.

I hope you enjoyed these lost treasures from the 1950s Original Pop House Club!