Pop House Photo Gallery

Let me know if you can identify any of these groups or individuals.  Your response will be gratefully acknowledged.
Click on the thumbnail for a larger photo.
Please refer to the numbered photos with your responses. Thanks.

1. Someone is being honored.

Was she a Chili Queen or some other dignitary? (And who is that guy with her?) The band in the background is The Esquires at this 1965 or 66 event.

2. The Mob from Chicago.

A great band who performed at the Pop House, but who are the individual members?

3. Late fifties or early sixties?

Is this Iowa musician Jerry Martin performing in a corner of the restaurant area? Can you identify?

4. On the old outdoor patio stage.

If you were there (or not) and know who this is, let me know.

5. Another celebration of some kind.

But who is this band performing in the restaurant area of the Pop House?

6. I'm beggin' ya...

Anyone recognize these guys?

7. Is this a Beloit band?

Could be difficult to identify individuals, but does the group look familiar?

8. Beloit group?

Photograph was taken by Al Wendorf studios. Looks like it may have a couple of members from the previous photo. Did they perform at the Pop House?

9. Warming up by the fire.

I think the guy on the right is Bruce (Rudy) Rudolph, but who is the guy on the left?

10. Dancing.

Who are these girls?

11. Watching intently.

Early sixties or late fifties. Who are they?

12. 1956.

Date on snapshot is October 1956. What is the event?

Joe J. Accardi, 2006