Softball Teams

Here is a collection of some Pop House softball team photos that haven't appeared previously on the blog and didn't make it into the book.  Click on the image to enlarge it.  Each of the pictures is numbered so you can refer to them by that number in your comments.  Enjoy!


1. 1948 Pop House Softball Team

Front: Fred "Punk" Warner, Paul Brill, Vern Hardyman, John Helms, Jerry Divine, Don Helms. Back: Clayton Royce, Jerry McClellan, Chaucey Mikkelson, Dick Klefoth, Ed Albrecht, George. The batboy is Wes Mason.

2. ___ - 1965

Nice ties, guys! The first guy in the front row is Mike Mowers. Who are the others?

3. TOTTS - 1968?

Kevin Schmale is flanked by Marilyn Hall and Martha Tangye (softball queen that year). Floyd "Chico" Wells is first guy in the back row. Others?

4. WAFS - 1967

First row: Chris Martin, John Losey, Bruce Rudolph, Bob Williams. Second row: Larry Schendel, (batboy), Craig Ely. Third row: Jerry Cheadle, Bob Staack, Dave Jacobsen. Back row: Roger Wells, Steve Eichman, Brian Britton.

5. ___ - 1970?

Must have been a warm day. Is that Bob Staack, second from right? Who else?

6. ___ - 1968?

Front: ___, Dwight Kruse, ___, ___, Gary Bach.

Back: Bill Kruse, Lee Scott, Clark Moriarty, ___, Glenn Poburka.

7. ___ - 1967?

Front: Bob Eicher, ___, ___, Alicia Lernor, ___, Gary Deicker.

Back: ___, _ McKillips, ___, ___, ___.

8. WAFS - 1967?

Front: Steve Eichman, ___, ___.

Back: ___, Bob Staack, Bill Kruse, ___, Fritz Drager?, ___, ___, ___.

9. ___ - 1967?

Must have been late 1960s.

10. ___ - 1965?

It's "Coach" and who else?

11. ___ - 1969?

Casey Singles is in the middle of the back row. Who else?

12. ___ - 1967?

Not sure, but is that Terry Daugherty, Bruce Rudolph, and Russ Bue in the front row? Not sure of the others.

13. ___ - 1970s

A younger crowd for sure.

14. After a game?

Front of car: Vince, Gary Bach, Brian Day?, Mike Badger, ___, George. Behind car: Fritz Drager?, John Zabel.

15. Pig Stickers - 1969

Looks like Bob Staack in the middle of the back row and Steve Eichman with the Gitmo shirt, lower right.

16. WAFS - 1967

Front: John Losey, Linda Harris, Craig Ely, Bob Williams.

Second: Steve Eichman, Roger Wells, Bill Kruse, Larry Schendel.

Third: Chris Martin, Brian Britton, Jerry Cheadle.

Back: Bob Staack


17. ___ - 1965?

Danny Kirkpatrick, Mike Badger, Polly Furman, Tom Roehl, Floyd "Chico" Wells, Jeff Keepers.

18. ___ - 1968?

Front: Karyn Vandennoven.

Second: Terry Daugherty, Kemil Basmagy, Larry MacDonald, ___, Rick Defauer.

Back: Denny Renley, Pete Piranni, ___, Bobby Polglaze, Bob Hayden, Russ Bue.